Lovense Exomoon Review Tested & Trusted 100%

The first bullet vibrator with a long range! The sex toy Lovense’s Exomoon has been years in the creation. I’ll talk about how easy it is to carry and how powerful and rumbly its resonance is.

From the outside, the Exomoon resembles lipstick so much that no one would notice if it was taken out of or placed inside a purse. However, the clitoris and the labia are the intended targets of the Exomoon vibe. Vibration is focused squarely against the clit by the slanted tip.

My Honest Experience With Lovense Exomoon

Not to be confused with Wonder Woman, although I could definitely pull off an equally amazing outfit. I am a wand woman. I like my stimulation to be precise, but large and rumbly is my thing. My Doxy Die Cast is essentially my ride or die! But I admit, I was a little envious of Rachel’s passionate—her words, not mine—and occasionally cult-like devotion for the We-Vibe Tango X. I was eager to give it a try after learning that Lovense had produced a formidable foe!

The Lovense Exomoon shocked me with its force as well as its rumbliness. The Exomoon can be adjusted to give a soft rumble that is suitable for even the most delicate settings on the lowest settings (available through the app), or a loud enough sound on the highest settings to satisfy even the most powerful individuals – a true crowd-pleaser! It stays buzzy even at the higher levels. The only thing that annoys me about the vibrations is a rattly, tinny noise that they make.

When playing alone, I generally don’t bother with app controls because I think they are superfluous and distracting, but with the Exomoon, I do. There is just one button on the device itself, which you use to navigate through the four patterns and three preset intensities. I would prefer to have more intensity options and not have to go through settings all the time, as I dislike being stuck in a routine. Furthermore, it’s really simple to set up and utilize the app. The Exomoon is excellent for long-distance play, but because it’s difficult to place and rather loud, I wouldn’t use it for public play.

You are meant to be able to sync the Exomoon to Lovense’s stories through their partnership with Bloom, an erotic audio website, but I was unable to make it function. Although it appeared that the device was connected, the audio either wouldn’t load or would play but not vibrate, which was annoying and generally unsatisfactory.

Lovense Exomoon Power

In general, Lovense vibrators are powerful. These are kicking motors. However, Lovense toys don’t usually have the deepest, rumbliest vibrations, so when I first turned on Exomoon, I was happy to find that it is really rumbly! particularly in the lower reaches of the speed spectrum. A little bit more buzz will be produced as the power is increased, but it will be resonant and not whiny like a cheap bullet vibrator.

For a vibrator of its size, the Exomoon has a respectable intensity range—that is, the separation between low and high speed. A wand vibrator will hold more power due to its larger body, but it will not be able to focus completely on the clitoris. In contrast, “bullet vibes” like the Exomoon are tiny toys that you’ll like if you want your clit truly focused on.

My Exomoon Experience

This week, I therefore played with the Lovense Exomoon, the fabled We-Vibe Tango X, and my favorite bullet, the Pillow Talk Racy. This is what I discovered:

What I love most about the Exomoon is:

The Tango's silicone tip as opposed to its plastic tip. I enjoy silicone's smoother, more skin-like texture. (The black portion of the Exomoon is made of ABS plastic; the red "lipstick" is silicone.)
The ability to create rolling waves of strong vibes, in the app. It’s better than any preset pattern I’ve felt, because I put the intensity exactly where I wanted, rubbing my finger lightly up and down on the screen for a few minutes…. Then just let it run.

As I enjoy rubbing off, I'm a fan of the rolling vibes. I'm the kind of person who needs motion to orgasm (like clitoral fingering); continuous vibration, even directly on the clit, is quite unlikely to do so for me.

I will intensify my pattern by positioning the red tip of the Exomoon at my clit and allowing its body to protrude between my legs. I will then repeatedly push the Exomoon's square bottom downward, causing it to rub on my clit. drawing down the clitoral hood.

Because it's so subtle, carrying this lipstick tube feels risk-free, even if I wish to take the Exomoon over to stay with family. Exomoon is not meant for public play, unlike the Lovense Ferri clitoral "panty" vibe, but if you're into wearing toys around, it might fit inside pouched underwear. You can either agree to have a partner control the Exomoon or use the app to control it yourself.