A Closer Look at Lovense Flexer Review 2024

A wearable panty vibrator with app functionality is called the Lovense Flexer. Three strong motors deliver both internal and exterior stimulation in this potent pink charmer! The toy flexes to imitate the come hither motion of being fingered, complete with both internal and exterior vibrations. You may use the app to take control of it, or you can send a partner a link so they can take it from anywhere in the globe!

My Time Experience with the Lovense Flexer

Another gadget I was both intrigued and dubious about was the Flexer. Though I’m in love with the concept of the “fingering” motion, I wasn’t sure if it would actually be fun! The toy’s overall firmness startled me a little when I pulled it out of the box. I was a bit concerned that it would be painful or uncomfortable because there isn’t much give in the silicone on the internal or external parts. But after it was in, it was actually rather comfortable, and the rigidity made the pleasure feel more intense. Just the come here fingering action is fine, but very energizing. But when the vibrations were added, everything became more thrilling.read about lovense hush 2

My preferred method of controlling Lovense toys is through the app, and I’m constantly amazed at how simple it is to connect them. Although the toy’s base has a single button for turning it on and off as well as scrolling through the settings, it is difficult to operate and doesn’t let you adjust the vibrating and flexing settings separately. The only problem is that because the button is located on the toy’s base, you could accidentally press it if you rearrange the toy or sit on it at an odd angle.

Overall, the Flexer feels well constructed, operates flawlessly, and has a long-lasting battery. However, it loses points for being absurdly loud! This really disappointed me because I was thinking of utilizing it for some discreet public play, but it’s not at all discrete! Using the sound meter, I measured it inside of me and it hit 50 dB, which the app said was equivalent to the volume of a quiet office. Despite the fact that the Bedbible office is quite noisy, it is impossible for you to miss this! While the toy is in use, I am completely unaware of the tiny seam running across the middle of it.

The Price of Lovense Flexer

For an app-enabled vibrator, the Flexer is priced about averagely. If it weren’t so noisy, I wouldn’t hesitate to remark that the price is worth it because the toy would be very useful in many situations. If you’re looking for a wearable for long-distance gaming, I’d also say it’s worth the money.