Interesting Lovense Calor Review 2024

The Lovense sex toy range has been expanded with the introduction of Calor. Calor is a remote-controlled, heated masturbator for males that offers a level of customization that is unparalleled.

From my point of view, it has the same sensation as the genuine thing, which is something that even I find a little unsettling. In spite of the fact that technology is already more intelligent than we are, it appears that it is exceeding us on an entirely new level, specifically in terms of sexual fulfillment in particular…

The amalgamation of vibration, squeeze, and depth control may be adjusted to accommodate virtually any size and individual preference setting. With just a little bit of trial and error, Calor will provide you with orgasms that will change your life forever.

When it comes to the vibration settings, you have a substantial number of options at your disposal. Beginning with a minor tingling sensation and progressing to a setting that is so intense that it will physically beat your meat. Whatever you like, it has the appropriate amount of power to meet the requirements of your body. It is possible to control it from your phone or to have your spouse control it, regardless of the distance between you. Your settings can also be saved so that you can enjoy them at a later time.

One of my favorite features of this incredible stroker is that the vibrations become more strong as you increase the depth at which you enter it.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers earth-shattering orgasms; for me – similar to actual sex
  • Provides rumbling vibrations and has nice grooves on the inside for more sensation
  • Features 3 depth control sensors – the deeper you penetrate, the more the toy responds
  • Costs less compared to similar sex toys (especially if you take advantage of the Lovense discount)
  • Has unlimited functions and power levels
  • Can be used under running water
  • Is easy to clean (use a mild soap or sex toy cleaner)
  • Helps people with ED or the elderly who could use a little help
  • Easier to grip compared to most male masturbators, including Lovense Max 2
  • No need to buy batteries, cords, or adapters – Calor is fully rechargeable and everything you need is in the package
  • Made of non-porous silicone inside makes it 100% body-safe
  • Features a heating function and depth control unlike most pocket pussies


  • The pressure is controlled manually – by pressing the grip-side of the toy (I personally enjoy this feature but others may not)

How does it work?

Lovense Calor has a variety of functions, the most prominent of which are vibration, squeezing, warmth, and depth control.

It is equipped with three depth sensors.

As you get deeper into the toy, the reactivity of the toy becomes more intense. Following the passage of your penis via one of the internal sensors, the motor that is adjacent to it is activated.

In addition to that, it comes with a heating feature that can be turned on or off, as well as a compressor that enables you to grip and squeeze more tightly while masturbating.

The heating feature operates at temperatures ranging from 38 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius.

A charging cable must be used, the cable must be connected to the device, and the A button must be pressed and held for three seconds in order to activate the heating function. It may take anywhere from five to twenty minutes to heat up, depending on the temperature of the room.

When the orange light on button B stops flashing, it indicates that the toy has reached its highest possible temperature.

Before using your penis to penetrate the toy, you should first use your fingers to determine the temperature of the toy because this feature requires you to do so. Put an end to those icy Fleshlights!

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My Honest Experience with lovense calor

As soon as I opened the package, my initial impression of Calor was that it had a design that was both straightforward and stylish. Additionally, it has a very gentle and compact sensation to the touch. In order to provide electricity to the stroker for the initial test, I grabbed the magnetic charger and connected it to the stroker.

I started with the simple setup tutorial since I was anticipating the new toy with the same level of excitement that I always have. Due to the fact that the Lovense app is used to control the majority of the control and pattern capabilities, I was already well familiar with them. Due to the fact that I am already familiar with the Lovense app and had a significant number of Lovense toys, I swiftly connected them using Bluetooth.

Pure silicone and ABS plastic are the components that make up Calor. Considering that the interior is likewise made of silicone, I made my water-based lubricant. Always use lubrication that is based on water as well as toys made of silicone.

It was the heating capability that sparked my curiosity in the product. Before beginning the session, you have the option of adjusting the temperature of the masturbator to a range of 38 to 42 degrees Celsius (100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit), which means that it will feel warm and natural, much like a real vagina.

I did not wait until it was slightly heated before beginning the first test. After the masturbator’s battery had been charged for a while, I made the decision to give it a shot. Following the application of lubrication liberally to my penis and the interior of the Calor, I linked the masturbator to my phone in order to have a greater degree of control over the power and to experiment with the patterns, and then I began to get myself really hard.

I gave the Calor a shot once I had properly erected my penis. Before putting myself inside the toy, I made sure that the vibration was set to the first setting, which is the default. The vibrations were pleasant, and the surface was as smooth as silk. As opposed to Gush, they were powerful enough to make me more difficult, and the sensation was pleasant. Due to the fact that I was filling the masturbator down to its full width at this point, I was unable to use the squeeze handle. During the subsequent minute, I experimented with a variety of vibration patterns, and I found that each one felt nice.

Following that, I selected the one that I loved the most, which had a throbbing rhythm with quicker and slower tempos, and I began stroking with the Calor musical instrument. It took me only thirty seconds more to arrive with a substantial load.

In the later part of that day, I made the decision to test out the heating feature. Because the sensation was so much more powerful, from this point forward, I shall make it a habit to always spend some time heating the Calor first. It had the same sensation as the actual thing.

Getting as hard as you can and inserting the masturbator to its fullest extent is also a delightful experience, as I discovered. The next step is to adjust the vibration to its highest intensity and allow it to massage the bottom of your penis as well as your balls. It’s a peculiar sensation, but it’s also quite stimulating.


It has a charge time of ninety minutes and a standby time of one hundred and twenty hours, which means that it can run constantly for approximately one hour and a half to two hours, depending on the level that you have it configured from. The Calor, much like the majority of Lovense’s more recent sex toys, is equipped with a magnetic charging cord, which is included in the packaging by default.


Although there are dozens of teledildonic sex toys available on the market, only a select few businesses are able to combine cutting-edge technology, postmodern minimalist aesthetics, and high-quality materials in such a way that the final product has the sensation of being truly opulent. In addition, Lovense does so at a price that is reasonable.

Regardless of whether or not a discount is applied, the Lovense Calor is priced lower than any other male masturbator that falls within its category. Despite the fact that Lovense typically provides discounts, the standard price is $199. Discounts of up to fifty percent are provided.

For more information about the cost of Lovense Calor: Lovense