Lovense Hyphy Review 2024

With high-velocity vibrations, Lovense Hyphy essentially steamrolls your clitoris with a dash of explosive power. The pointy end of this little vibration is extremely intense, and the “handle” side functions as a powerful G-spot (or clitoral) vibrator. Rearrange the Hyphy and observe…

What are your preferences regarding the intensity, frequency, and concentration of clitoral stimulation? If strength is what you’re after, the Lovense Hyphy will rival the intensity of a Womanizer or Satisfyer “clit suction” sex device. It is not a balanced vibrator, which permits a gradual increase in vibration speed from low to high, nor is it a rumbling vibrator. In contrast, the two sides of the Hyphy are, shall we say, direct and concise.

This Lovense Hyphy review evaluates the G-spot end and oscillating tip power, as well as the Hyphy’s operation and the experiences of myself and a friend.

Hyphy’s multi-feature design does allow both ends of the toy to vibrate, in case you want different feelings in just one toy.

The Lovense Hyphy conjoins two different toys:

  • A Zumio-esque oscillating/vibrating tip (but with silicone head attachments!)
  • A strong G-spot vibrator

And then, like all Lovense toys, it connects to the Lovense app for partnered control or long-distance sex. Or for fine-tuning the point-end’s vibration intensity: but not customizing the G-spot end’s vibes (more on that in the Lovense Hyphy App section, later).

The Lovense Hyphy’s best feature, for me? The 3 little silicone attachments that fit over the point-head. That’s a very good thing for picky clits like mine, because the longest flapping attachment has brought me the most pleasure from Hyphy.

lovense hyphy review

Hyphy Vibration Intensity & Functions

First, let’s get the Hyphy vibrator’s name explained: I assume it’s pronounced “HIGH-fee,” a clipping of “high frequency.” (I guess “Hi-Free” didn’t sound as cool.)

Indeed, Hyphy’s name is part of a trend to reclaim potent, high-pitched vibration as a selling point. They call it “high-frequency” — whereas I, a vibrator critic, would tend to use the term “buzzy” instead for the same feeling. Definitely a pejorative word, buzzy; it sounds negative. But many people do enjoy powerful, buzzy vibration and even orgasm faster with it! The Hyphy’s tip end runs from ≈140 to 150 Hertz frequency range; for reference, that’s higher than the top speed of the Magic Wand Rechargeable.1

In short, individual preferences & sensitivity level will dramatically impact any person’s experience with the Lovense Hyphy! If you find yourself overwhelmed by strong vibes, then Hyphy probably won’t be your bag, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it as a beginner vibrator unless the user knows they want super-strong, clit-pointed power.

Comparing Hyphy to Womanizer Premium is the most precise analogy that can be formulated, albeit with concentrated energies as opposed to pulsating air. lovense dolce review It is challenging to compare the intensity level of the precision tip on Hyphy to that of conventional vibrators owing to the infinitesimal size of the tip.

It is unquestionably more powerful than the Lovense Lush 3 (whose motor is a significant reduction in quality compared to the Lush 2), which could result in an extremely rapid arrival. Hyphy’s force at the tip is rated as eight out of ten, while his G-spot receives a rating of seven out of ten. Additional Lovense vaginal vibrators and clits with potency ratings are available here,read about lovense calor here

My Hyphy Experiences

A new companion began to moan ceaselessly as we experimented with Hyphy. As I moved it all around her vulva, from above and below the clit, it became extremely heated. I then attached the long, flapping tongue attachment and continued to massage it up and down until it penetrated her lightly. At that moment, she began to make a significant amount of commotion. She also adored it!

Do you consider myself to be a sincere critic? Notably, had the decision been made exclusively for my benefit, I would not have agreed to provide a review of Hyphy. Because I have a preference for devices with a broader scope as opposed to those that are extremely clit-focused. Clightoris is horrified by minute stimuli like the Zumio.

Nonetheless, I mention this for the following reasons: (1) Lovense devices are immensely popular and potent, and (2) I have female playmates who might revere it. Diverse experiences among distinct individuals!

I conducted preliminary experiments utilizing the Hyphy device in the absence of the silicone attachments. To gain an understanding of its sensation in its bare form. I uttered the word “Damn!” Because such is the intention.

Due to the fact that the clitoral veil already occluded the clit head, I deemed that intolerable and therefore positioned the hyphphys below my clitoris. oscillating, bounding, and jolting. Optimal vitality! Certainly eee-ahhh! After thirty seconds of standing, the largest stimulator attachment was extracted.

The one I utilize whenever I analyze Hyphy is the one I refer to as the “tongue”: In contrast to a brief experiment with the tiny round bulb, which is, in all honesty, analogous to not utilizing any attachment at all, the subsequent hour was spent with the bulb featuring rabbit ears. Once more, while the U-shaped “ears” attachment might be optimal for certain individuals, it demands an excessive amount of my attention. Consequently, perpetually on the tongue.

The Lovense (often misspelled Lovesense) vibrators brand is based on long-distance app control. To “bridge the distance,” as they say, between separated sex partners. As long as one person has a Lovense vibe in their possession, they and their partner(s?) can connect from anywhere — as long as both long-distance players have working phones with cellular service or WiFi.

Read my Lovense app reviews for previous toys:

  • Lovense Domi 2 app control (a favorite)
  • Lovense Lush 2 / 3 app control
  • Lovense Dolce (formerly Quake) app control

So the main reason I went into the Lovense app this time was to try adjusting Hyphy’s G-spot end. I wanted to see if I could turn the vibration down! It starts fairly strong.

Those in search of LONG-DISTANCE CONTROL and EXTREMELY CLIT-CENTRIC & FOCUSED STIMULATION should consider the Lovense Hyphy. The handle end can also be used as a G-spot vibrator or a wider clit vibe, which gives it a degree of versatility just like lovense gush However, the pinpoint tip extension of the Hyphy disqualifies it from use as an effortless thrusting dildo, as it becomes challenging to jerk in and out. Due to my considerable fondness for G-spot stimulation, I have slightly deducted a point from the Hyphy’s rating below, as the G-spot final result failed to meet my expectations. Although the opposite end is exceptionally polished, it is an excellent option if you require only a clitoral sex device.

For moving sensations, the “high-frequency” nature of the vibrations in Hyphy’s tip causes it to jiggle, and the three silicone tip attachments are, in my opinion, the finest feature.

The bunny ears attachment encloses the clit on the left and right sides, whereas the longest “tongue” attachment has been the focus of the majority of my Lovense Hyphy review, as I prefer the larger, fluttering motion.

I observed my fiancée making the most appetizing sounds as she inserted Hyphy’s larger tip, which demonstrates that it can also be a lovely instrument for teasing the vaginal opening. I discovered that focused vaginal stimulation can also get individuals.